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Emotional Mastery Summit en version Francophone

Ever felt Emotionally isolated
and like life is just too much?

What if there’s a way to change this
powerfully in only 3 Months?

Sounds interesting, right?

Don’t try to beat the storm…
… Be the fucking storm !

  • Week 1: Introduction

    We’ll introduce ourselves, what you can expect from the program, and some ground rules to make it fun and powerful.

  • Week 2: Opening Up

    This week, is all about opening up your bag of emotions. Staring yourself in the mirror.

  • Week 3: Identify Limiting Beliefs

    Everyone has limiting beliefs that keep us from harm but also from progression, and this is where we’re going to defuse them.

  • Week 4: Setting Boundaries

    A lot of people don’t know how to set their limits to other people, which can cause a lot of resentment for both sides.

  • Week 5: Why You Do What You Do

    Let’s go to the core of it all, this is the week we get to know the root of our issues and how this all started.

  • Week 6: The Trifecta Of Change

    There are 3 pillars you need to focus on to make a significant change in your life and this is the week you’ll hear all about it

  • Week 7: Change Your Language Patterns

    The way you talk to yourself and others is a very significant part of why things work out for you or not

  • Week 8: Law Of Attraction

    Everything you wanted to know about the Law of attraction that usually gets forgotten

  • Week 9: Understanding Energy

    What is energy and why it’s something any human should know about

  • Week 10: Transformation Week

    This is the hard part of the program. This consists in a guided hypnosis session that is one of the most powerful ever created

  • Week 11: Clearing Blocks

    Now that you did all of that, you’ll get to understand what the remaining blocks are

  • Week 12: The Importance Of Momentum

    What is going to happen in the following weeks and why continuing in your journey of self-help is necessary

Steve is a Quantum strategist.
He knows how to shift your negative paradigm by using the limits of the mind. He’s a master in Ericksonian hypnosis, law of attraction and energy healer since he was 8 years old, but he’s most passionate about helping people out of emotional trauma. His mission is being the person he needed when he went through the though stuff.

Linda is a powerful beacon, best known for her incredibly life-changing and actionable insights. She’s passionate about empowering people in their personal and professional setting, and believes success in life centers around a person’s ability to build and nurture healthy relationships with themselves and others.

Irina is extremely passionate about personal growth and human transformation. She is a speaker and a fierce advocate for Transformational Leadership. As the former Co-Lead of the Women’s Leadership Network, and the mentor of the Social Good Program for gender equity. Irina is advocating for a world where both women and men have equal opportunities and believes that every individual should pursue their journey of self discovery and growth.

Gabe’s expertise and experience runs across many channels, and he brings it all together in his coaching to create a powerful combination. He’s been an entrepreneur since he was a teenager. On the personal and spiritual transformation side, he’s been a teacher in self-development and meditation for over 15 years. He’s given workshops on several topics worldwide, including meditation, subtle energy, manifestation, personal identity, spirituality, and transpersonal development.

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Disclaimer: When attending to this course, the group sessions will be recorded and can be used as examples during later group sessions, course related info and marketing. This course is not a replacement for Psychiatric Therapy, but can be complimentary. We cannot guarantee resolute results, as every individual is different and as such each person will react differently to a form of coaching.

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